Civil and geotechnical engineering, design consultation
and project management

Civil Solutions has built a reputation for honest advice and creative solutions to complex geotechnical and civil engineering problems. We started in 2011 with a focus on quality and a commitment to service, excellence, technology-based solutions and a commitment to innovation now and in the future.

Clients first

Our business is complex and requires a commitment to working not only as partners with our clients but with all project participants. Success requires a client-first attitude and a commitment to accountability, communication and transparency during all phases of every project.

Great minds think differently

Civil Solutions offers our clients extraordinary people doing extraordinary work. That’s because we know the most complex engineering and geotechnical problems are better solved if viewed from different perspectives and disciplines.

Our construction managers and engineers work as a team to produce the best possible solutions to projects challenges. We employ the best young minds and most experienced professionals to work, learn and innovate with the goal of excellence.

Landslide Information & Frequently Asked Questions

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