Andrew Lageman, P.E.

Vice President of Engineering | 859.630.6489

Andrew is a leader at work, home, church and everywhere in between. His presence and passion to help others is unbridled. His ability to teach, train and provide knowledgeable instruction in engineering projects, client relations, personal interactions and life skills is unmatched. Andrew is meticulous in everything he touches. His work at CSA is not only innovative, but is always complete, thorough and diligent.

Andrew graduated from the University of Kentucky with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, along with his Master of Science in Geotechnical Engineering. He chose this profession because of a deep interest in critical thinking applied to difficult problems that require tangible solutions. The tangible solutions soon became realistic projects, built and developed with Andrew’s involvement and influence. While at UK, Andrew was involved with the Holy Spirit Parish Newman Center. He worked with children in faith-based activities, fellowship and service opportunities. Working and mentoring these children provided Andrew the foundation for his ability to help others achieve their dreams.

Upon graduation, Andrew moved back to Northern Kentucky to purse his professional career in Civil Engineering. During the past 10 years, Andrew has designed numerous projects ranging from residential clients, large utility providers, and municipalities to military and industrial projects. His trustworthy experience in geotechnical engineering, design, and rehabilitation projects helps him exceed every client’s expectations. He is experienced in performing engineering analyses, including slope stability analyses, bearing capacity analyses, settlement analyses, lateral earth pressure analyses, foundation design, and drilled pier walls, test pits and footing inspections. Today, his specialties include landslide remediation and mass excavation projects. His management of geotechnical studies includes test boring survey, layouts and visual classification of soil and rock samples. Upon the conclusion of these studies, he diligently writes detailed and insightful reports that provide geotechnical analysis and recommendations.

At CSA since 2012, Andrew is active in almost every element of the organization. Because of his leadership and influence at CSA, he helps others see the big picture with a firm foundation of expert knowledge and practical common sense. For Andrew, working at CSA is like working with your friends and family. He feels the genuine interest and compassion that is often nonexistent in larger companies. At CSA, he feels a unique bond that is tied together by his value and the teamwork of everyone involved. With clients, his availability and approachability is best in class.

Andrew is a registered Professional Engineer in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. He is proficient in Ultimate Project Manager High Performance Management, as well as being active in the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Geotechnical Group and Northern Kentucky Society of Professional Engineers.

When not generating models, creating excel calculation sheets or involved in a deep thought on solving a difficult analysis, Andrew enjoys spending time with his wife, Erin, and four young children (Elliot, Alexandra, Charlotte & Isabelle). Andrew is a father figure at CSA and a family man at home where it can often be hectic, but rewarding at the end of the day. Andrew and Erin find great rewards in parenting, as well as volunteering at Church and mentoring young couples who are considering marriage. Being a leader and having a positive influence on others allows Andrew an additional outlet to serve others and give back. Andrew’s down time, as little as it can be, is filled with running, working out, woodworking projects, spending time outdoors in the yard and watching TV and movies.