Casey Carriere

Project Engineer | 407-375-1670


Casey is a spirited civil engineer who found his love for construction and geotechnical work after initially pursuing a mechanical engineering degree in college. He chose to pursue his passion in civil, which has ultimately created many interesting opportunities for him over the years. He brings of a wealth of knowledge and experience in quality control and assurance, and testing and inspection services on projects in Canada to CSA.

Casey explains that he has been fortunate enough to work on three amazing projects in the past few years, each of which stand out because most engineers wouldn’t have the opportunity to work on one in a lifetime. One of these experiences was working at a fabrication plant in Yeosu, South Korea. The culture, life style, and work environment were so different than a typical Canadian or American work experience with the average South Korean working 12 hours a day Monday through Friday, 10 hours on Saturday, and 5 hours on Sunday. There were 100 to 200 employees onsite welding together to complete the fabrication process. There were many challenges with translation of documents and communication between employees that spoke different languages. However, he values this experience as one of his most enjoyable and valuable in terms of workplace growth and development.

In addition to the time spent in South Korea, Casey has lived and worked in 6 different cities in 7 years. He recently relocated to Cincinnati, and is looking forward to putting down roots, beginning to volunteer in the community, and perhaps playing a little golf! He is married to his beautiful wife, Kelsey, whose international love story began in Boston during his travels. When he is not working, Casey enjoys eating bananas with his turtle, fishing, and cooking.

Casey looks forward to diving into the workload at CSA and contributing his many years of experience to the team.