Dan Kennedy

Field Services Manager for CSA

dan@nullcivilsolutions.net | 513.601.3030

Dan is reliable, hardworking and dedicated to serving our clients in a thorough and knowledgeable manner from start to finish.  Dan graduated from Hanover College with his Bachelor of Science in Geology.  Dan began his career as a Geologist right out of college by joining a large geotechnical and materials testing firm in Cincinnati, Ohio.  He started as an Engineering Field Technician monitoring construction activities and testing construction materials. Over the years he expanded his field-testing capabilities, developed laboratory testing expertise and became the Field Service Department Manager. Dan brings over 40 years of experience, as Field Services Department Manager.  Dan is active at CSA in project management, sales, marketing and utilizing his experience in construction, engineering and consulting.  Dan’s time away from work is best enjoyed anywhere that includes the sun, sand and warm weather.