Dana Manfredi

Office Manager at CSA

dana@nullcivilsolutions.net | 513.752.9500

Dana is conscientious, helpful, driven to succeed and is the support pillar for all who work at CSA.  Dana’s ability to provide consistent structure, an efficient work flow and compassionate care helps contribute to the daily success of CSA.  The accomplishments of CSA are a direct result of her ability to connect and interact with not only CSA associates, but also those in the field, our business partners, suppliers, contractors and clients.

Born and raised in Cincinnati, Dana graduated co-salutatorian of her class at Mariemont High School where she participated in sports and provided leadership in various roles, such as class president.  Her father believed that “everything worthwhile should be earned” so she and her siblings were challenged to self-finance their college educations. By paying her own way through college, Dana learned just what her father intended her…that personal satisfaction and appreciation is often learned by earning something verses receiving something free handed.  A combination of scholarships and co-op positions enabled her to fund her education at the University of Cincinnati. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from the College of Business, earning her degree in Business Management.

Shortly after graduating, she began her career in a management development program for a national company specializing in mortgage lending.  Starting as an underwriting supervisor, Dana was promoted to Underwriting Manager within a few years.   Eventually she was promoted to Associate Vice President and was given a new assignment of managing the customer service operations for the division.  She earned several presidential awards which included trips to Hawaii, Cancun and San Antonio.  When the company moved their operations to Dallas, she chose to remain in her beloved hometown of Cincinnati.  Later she joined a local national bank to manage their back-end operations for the commercial loan department.  In her twelve years with the bank which included several bank acquisitions, her department grew from five employees to thirty-two.  Department consolidations at the bank allowed her the opportunity to join Civil Solutions Associates.

Dana joined the CSA team in 2011, during its’ infancy.  As an original associate, she has watched Jeff Barrow’s vision of growth and innovation become a reality.  Today, Dana’s role at CSA is to provide consistent communication and organization to the daily functions of the business.  Dana is client focused and project driven, which pulls the entire staff together in a unified and collaborative manner.

Dana feels extremely blessed to work in a unique and beautiful setting where the view from her office includes acres of woods with wildlife such as turkey and deer roaming about the property. She is very thankful to work with genuine, positive people dedicated to their craft and to their clients.  Dana believes laughter is the best medicine and she gets doses of laughter from her co-workers on a daily basis…what an extra bonus!

Dana and her husband, Mike, me in one of their college classes at UC. They now reside in Madeira where they have been married for 29 years. Their daughter, Maria, recently graduated in graphic design from UC and has moved to England to begin a new chapter in her life.  Their son, Mark, is attending Madeira High School and can be most often found on a football field or a basketball court pursuing his passions, with Mom and Dad cheering from the stands.  In Dana’s spare time, she enjoys sporting events, long walks through nature and enjoying the outdoors through bird watching.