Jason Fulmer

Project Manager for CSA

jason@nullcivilsolutions.net | 513.240.2686

Jason is extremely loyal, very trustworthy and always willing to put others first in a thoughtful and unique manner.  Jason constantly gives rather than accepts, he is unique and different in many different ways…such as dressing up like Abe Lincoln on President’s Day, unannounced and in full character…tux, hat and beard included.  But most importantly, Jason is genuine and honest with clients, contractors and everyone in between.  Jason’s approach is most helpful when dealing with clients who need some extra time to completely comprehend a project.  Jason’s hard work, sense of dependability and giving attitude make him a perfect fit for CSA.

Jason is a creative and qualified CAD Technician currently working on his degree in Construction Management from Cincinnati State College. He is no stranger to project management, having spent over 8 years as a Community City Councilman in North College Hill, while also serving as President of the Council.  Jason dealt with complex projects and budgetary concerns while simultaneously trying to serve and please the community. He also has over five years of experience as a small business owner in the customer service and retail industry.  Throughout Jason’s working experience, he has held countless professional positions. He served in various leadership roles for a diverse range of organizations, including a national bank, the United States Government, and the City of North College Hill.

Jason joined the CSA team in 2013.  As a design specialist, Jason focuses on his ability to provide engineered drawings and specifications that are efficient, accurate and also pose an aesthetically pleasing appearance.  Jason takes the best interest of his client and puts it to paper.  He is a constant advocate for the client, sometimes spending numerous hours explaining, educating and helping others to see and understand his vision on a project.  Often times, Jason is faced with matching a challenging engineered project with a practical solution that is pleasing and acceptable to the client.  Jason’s laid back and honest approach conveys a concerned and calming effect on clients.  His highest level of satisfaction comes from seeing a project’s life span from beginning to end…with an overly satisfied client at the end. Ultimately, Jason helps our clients achieve project success on time and within the budget through his extensive experience in both the private and public sectors.

With other CSA associates, Jason is always willing and eager to assist, develop and train others to be efficient and knowledgeable.  Jason takes the extra step to help fellow associates, just like he would a customer.  His leadership role at CSA is beneficial to the development of each project and each associate, in addition to each customer.

Outside of work Jason is married to his high school sweetheart Denise. Together they have four young active boys.  Benjamin, Christopher, Gabriel and Elias, all under the age of 9, are all involved in a variety of youth sports from baseball to soccer.  Jason and his family reside in Union, Kentucky where they enjoy playing with their children and caring for their chickens.  Jason is an Eagle Scout and has served as a Scout Master of his old troop. He currently volunteers as a Den Leader for his sons’ Cub Scout Pack. Although Jason’s childhood dream was to be a race car driver, he still enjoys to work on cars and has an infinite knowledge about automobiles.  When time permits, Jason also enjoys camping with the family, fishing and working in the yard.