Joe Steltenkamp, P.E.

Pre-Construction Manager at CSA | 859.468.1351

Joe Steltenkamp, P.E., Pre-Construction Manager for CSA, is versatile, efficient, and motivated when it comes to everything he does in both work and in his personal life.  At a young age, he knew exactly what he wanted to do when he grew up.  Joe would tag along with his dad and visit construction sites.  He would be amazed at the size of equipment and the ability of the crews to create such massive “works of art”.

It was this passion which pushed him towards a path in civil engineering.  Joe attended Speed School at the University of Louisville where he obtained a Bachelor of Science in Engineering in 2005 and a year later a Master of Engineering.  During his years at school, Joe was part of educational and social groups.  He held an executive position for Chi Epsilon (engineering fraternity) and Beta Theta Pi (social fraternity).

Things weren’t always fun and games for Joe.  Throughout school, he completed several co-op semesters at Caldwell Tanks providing preliminary designs on elevated water storage tanks.  After graduation, he took a full-time position with Caldwell, working as a project engineer for four years before transitioning to a regional sales manager.  It was at Caldwell where Joe worked on a number of storage tanks in the Kentucky / Ohio area.

In 2012, Joe moved back home to Northern Kentucky and worked as a project manager and estimator for Fox Equipment, a manufacturer of mechanical louvers and dampers.  Joe’s versatility allowed him to succeed, but his passion for construction pushed him back into the civil engineering realm.  He joined Steel Technical Services as a Lead Civil Engineer working at Dow Corning chemical plant in Carrollton, KY.  While there, he designed the civil aspect of a number of large and small projects.  He was also the main developer and manager of the on-site Civil Preventative Maintenance (CPM) program.

Being able to see his designs implemented has always been important to Joe.  And while that occurred at Dow Corning, the need for a civil engineer at a chemical plant can only go so far.  Wanting to expand his industry footprint, Joe joined CSA in 2016 as a Senior Estimator / Pre-construction Manager.  He is tasked with the responsibility of preparing construction proposals and transitioning them into projects.  Joe collaborates with the CSA engineers to provide the most economically feasible solution to any problem.  Once the project is designed, he works with several subcontractors to complete the construction in a timely manner.

The busiest part of Joe’s life starts when he gets home.  He and his wife Kayla have four children Zack, Sadie, Lexi, and TJ.  With only five years between the oldest and youngest, they are always on the move.  And IF the kids don’t have anything going on, Joe likes to play basketball, softball, and golf.  When all of that isn’t enough, he tries to catch up on the latest movies and tv shows.