Karla Morales

Construction Project Administrator

karla@nullcivilsolutions.net | 8787.607.2027

Karla brings a unique perspective to enhance the harmony of the construction department here at CSA. She has both an easygoing attitude and a desire to conquer new tasks. This is no surprise given Karla’s background in urban program management combined with her love for music, culture, and travel. She must be driven to manage the construction workflow and also relaxed while handling new experiences that come along with travel and cultural exploration.


Karla is originally from San Juan, Puerto Rico and graduated from the University of Puerto Rico with a degree in geography, which she loves because it encompasses such a vast field of study. She began working in a small civil engineering company as an administrative assistant and quickly worked her way up to managing programs for the City of San Juan in the Urban Design and Project Development Department. During her work experience in Puerto Rico, Karla had the opportunity to oversee work being performed in her former high school. She found this to be a very rewarding assignment because she was able to be part of giving back to the school that had given so much to her growing up. Unfortunately, Puerto Rico, as a country and economic center, suffered greatly in the wake of the 2017 hurricanes, and Karla chose to relocate to Massachusetts to be close to her brother. Eventually, she made her way to Cincinnati where CSA was fortunate enough to employ her as our one and only Construction Project Administrator!


When she is not filing permit documents or working on subcontracts for CSA, Karla enjoys spending time with her boyfriend, Gabriel, and singing! Her passion for harmonizing dates back to childhood and has led her on trips around the world with the professional choir for students and alumni of the University of Puerto Rico, Coralia. While singing with Coralia, she traveled internationally to share her gift in places like Cuba, Colombia, Spain, and France. She is currently searching for a choir or group/band to join in the Cincinnati area.


CSA looks forward to Karla orchestrating the smooth flow of projects in the construction department at CSA for years to come!