Mehdi Moazen

Construction Project Engineer | 937.242.3270

Mehdi was born in Iran and graduated from the IAU University with a Bachelor of Civil Engineering degree. After graduation, he gained several years of practical experience as an Assistant Manager and Project Manager in the construction industry, and he decided to move to the U.S. in 2013.  Immigration had a lot of bittersweet moments for him. Staying far away from his family and friends on the one hand, and finding new friends and living in another county with different culture and language on the other hand, gave him the chance to achieve a lot of new and challenging experiences over these years. Mehdi graduated in 2018 from the University of Dayton with a Master’s Degree of Engineering Management.

Mehdi met his wife, Lina, at a Thanksgiving party in 2014, and they dated for 3 years before marrying in 2017. Lina has a PhD in Speech and Hearing Sciences from the University of Cincinnati and works at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital as a Research Scientist. She is also from Iran and she moved to U.S. five years ago.

While he was in his graduate program at the University of Dayton, Mehdi taught classes in the Chaminade Julienne Catholic Dayton high school for a year, and worked as a volunteer in the Sycamore Hospital for several months. He believes that working as a teacher and volunteering in the hospitals had a great impact on his personal growth.

Mehdi moved to West Chester last year after marrying to Lina, where they continue to reside today.  He loves playing and watching soccer and he follows most soccer leagues around the world.

Mehdi brings his practical and resilient experiences to his Project Engineer role in the construction department at CSA, and looks forward to working on your projects.