Ron St. Pierre, E.I.T.

Project Engineer | 207-735-7747


Ron is a true outdoors-man who enjoys spending his free time soaking up the goodness of nature, but that passion is not reserved for after-work pursuits. He has completed his bachelor’s in Civil Engineering and is decidedly interested in using his E.I.T. designation to pursue opportunities for aquatic and water resource engineering. This is an area in which CSA welcomes his enthusiasm to grow and expand our service lines.


Ron hales from Maine and has traveled to Australia, Scotland, and Thailand before relocating to Northern Kentucky. While finishing his degree, his capstone project consisted of a culvert replacement and stream simulation that acted as a fish passage during all storm events. This project was complicated by many factors including the road acting as a dam for a wetland on one side of the road and a stream on the other side of the road, constraints on road leveling and alignment, cultural resource restrictions, and allowing tourist travel to remain constant during the construction, as this was taking place inside a National Park! We are worn out just considering those hurdles! Ron’s passion for aquatic life and innovation spurred him on to successfully complete a very complicated design for this project. These qualities are exactly what CSA hopes to harness as Ron learns and tackles challenging projects within the engineering department at CSA.


When Ron is not working, he enjoys spending time with his dog, hiking, biking, fishing, understanding ecological systems, recreating ecological systems in aquariums and terrariums, and identifying species in nature. He loves The Lorax, as it speaks to the need for environmental conservation.


Ron will bring a fresh and unique perspective to the department and CSA looks forward to supporting his growth and contributions to the engineering department.