Ted MacDonald

Construction Intern

ted@nullcivilsolutions.net | 859-466-0184

Ted brought his A-game to the construction team at Civil Solutions! In a short time, the construction team has been impressed with his ability to understand and contribute to the work that we do. This is no surprise because Ted has grown up with a competitive outlook as an avid sportsman in high school (playing basketball, baseball, and football) and an intramural athletics official for basketball games in the Lexington and Northern KY areas during college.

The athletic programs that he participated in while he was growing up provided Ted with some very rewarding experiences. It was with great satisfaction that he was able to perform work for a project at his former high school’s athletic complex while working for another civil engineering firm. He felt it was fulfilling to give back to the community that he grew up in through designing storm water controls, such as detention basins and catch basins, for the athletic complex. It is through those numerous co-op experiences that he was able to successfully transition to the construction department at Civil Solutions.

Ted has carried Ben Franklin’s motto, “Failing to prepare is preparing for failure” with him throughout his life. This quote could be a catalyst for his early decision to pursue civil engineering. He has always known that he was interested in this field of work because he has many family members in the construction, land development, and civil engineering fields. They encouraged him to pursue engineering and construction and he has always been enticed by it.

When Ted is not overseeing a construction process or officiating a high school basketball game, he enjoys spending time with his parents and three younger siblings, playing sports, and rooting for his favorite teams. He is a big UK athletics fan and also follows the Reds, Bengals, and Columbus Blue Jackets.

We are fortunate to have Ted’s positive outlook and engineering experience to contribute to the construction department at Civil Solutions!