Project Details

  • Client: Quandel Construction Group
  • Product: Beam & Lagging, Keytone, Redi-Rock

New 248,000-SF Fed-Ex shipping facility in Miamisburg, Ohio for Scannell Properties. The site presented several site-specific layout challenges. The first being the entrance off of Byers Road. Miami Township required the entrance to the facility to be at the existing traffic light to meet zoning requirements. This hurdle meant that the road would need to transition 24’ in elevation and make a 90° turn suitable for tractor trailers to enter the facility. The second challenge was to maintain a balanced site. Multiple earth retention systems were required in an effort to maximize the usable area within the geotechnical limitations of the site.

Civil Solutions Associates (CSA) designed and managed the construction of five free-standing retaining walls. Three Keystone, one Redi-Rock, and one drilled pier with wood lagging. All the walls had to be integrated and maintain an attractive appearance. The anticipated heavy flow of fully loaded tractor trailers at the shipping facility required CSA to design an earth retention system that would both retain the entrance way and stabilize the subsurface and heavy duty pavements for the facility entrance. A large portion of the facility entrance would be fill materials. The stability of these retained materials was critical to providing a durable high performance pavement capable of handling the anticipated heavy commercial use.

The facility entrance also required a 54 Kip barrier system. CSA designed an economical barrier system that met the client’s needs and was easily integrated into the earth retention system without compromising the performance of that system.