Newport Pavilion Tract C/D

Project Details

  • Client: Anchor Associates
  • Square Footage: Approx. 10,000
  • Contractor: Bzak, Outdoor Environments, Structures
  • Product: Allan Block Europa, Enkamat
  • Block Manufacturer: Allan Block

The Newport Pavilion retail center was expanded in 2013 to include new retail and restaurants near the intersection of Grand Avenue and Pavilion Parkway in Newport, KY. Although Civil Solutions did not perform the engineering and design for the original phases, it was important to design the expansion with design continuity. The grading plan called for an elevated parking surface and conditions that made walls necessary. Multiple walls were installed to separate parking from green spaces and retaining hillsides. The block of choice for installation was Allan Block Europa units. This reinforced wall provided the look and structural capacity to continue the upscale theme of the expansion. In addition to walls, a slope stabilizing mat was installed to maintain vegetation across a steep slope rock face cut. The project faced issues with multiple property lines and different owners resulting in multiple revisions. These revisions were no issue for CSA engineers, and allowed the staff to provide valuable input towards the final alignments and design. The Newport Pavilion project displays how a modular wall can be both structural and artistic.