Project Details

  • Client: M/I Homes
  • Square Footage: Approx. 8,700
  • Contractor: Scherzinger/Structures
  • Product: Europa
  • Block Manufacturer: Allan Block

Rivercrest by M/I Homes is a new 132 acre residential community development with more than 200 homes located in Hamilton Township, Ohio. Civil Solutions Associates (CSA) delivered a design build package for five walls at the entrance of the development and along the main entrance road with a total of more than 8,500 square feet of wall. Our work provided a winding park like entry way into a picturesque environment of beautiful homes and a sparkling community.

Due to the steep slopes, a 2,200 square feet soldier pile lagging wall was installed to prevent a slip during construction and to avoid massive earthwork in completely excavating the steep slope. The geotechnical borings indicated that bedrock was not near the ground surface. The engineering team developed a design which allowed piers to resist lateral pressure by socketing into glacial soils. A Europa Allan Block wall was then installed in front of the soldier pile wall by fabricating a system for the geo-grid to be fastened to the soldier pile wall.

The walls were built in tough winter weather conditions including snowfall and sub-zero temperatures. Despite the tough conditions, they were completed in time for the development’s grand opening.