Soin Medical

Project Details

  • Client: Scherzinger Drilling
  • Square Footage: 4,000
  • Contractor: Danis Building Construction, Scherzinger Drilling
  • Product: Tangent Piles / Beam and Lagging

The Kettering Health Network’s proposed expansion of the Indu and Raj Soin Medical Center was a 2014 Civil Solutions Associates (CSA) project. The large expansion was adjacent to an existing medical building that needed to remain operational during the expansion. Deep foundations and large excavations were necessary design elements for the expansion. Due to these design constraints, it was necessary to install temporary earth retention. The exposed face of the shoring was approximately 20 feet. The design required the use of tangent piles and beam and lagging shoring. The mixed design approach allowed the drilling contractor to start on the piles while the cages were being fabricated and delivered to the site. Additionally, along one face of the shoring a channel was welded to the wall face. This served as a temporary support for a sewer line that needed to stay operational during the construction process. Minor design changes and construction adjustments are common in many earth retention projects and this one was no different. Our ability to adjust the design as needed and work with the contractors is what helps make the difference in many of CSA’s projects.