The Verge Apartment Community

Project Details

  • Client: Scherzinger Drilling
  • Square Footage: 15,000
  • Contractor: Scherzinger Drilling
  • Product: Beam and Lagging

Live The Verge life: the ideal apartment community for University of Cincinnati students. Enjoying brand new apartments, sleek and stylish furniture, and convenient all-inclusive amenities, like a fabulous landscaped courtyard with BBQ, clubhouse with gaming tables, cyber cafe, fitness center, and group study rooms. The ideal location right by campus allows students to embrace the ultimate college experience and live central to everything.

Located just off the main campus, a five to seven story structure is being constructed. The project site is near the University of Cincinnati campus in Clifton, Ohio. The development contains parking and a mixed use building containing over 200 housing units. During construction of the basement parking, temporary shoring was required to protect the adjacent streets, utilities and a residential home. The shoring system utilized was a beam and lagging wall designed by Civil Solutions and installed by Scherzinger Drilling. The beam sizes varied based on the height of the cut. The maximum exposed height of the shoring system was approximately 23 feet. The shoring wall was also utilized by the concrete contractor as a one sided form for the exterior foundation walls. This design and application allowed the contractor to place the concrete in a tight space and maintain the uphill utilities and roads.