Engineering The Earth™

We work from the ground down.

The earth doesn’t always give you the foundation you need for solid construction. Civil and geotechnical engineering requires looking at things a little differently, especially when physical barriers or geologic challenges are at play.

Civil Solutions designs and constructs bridges, dams, landslide remediation, deep foundations and earth retention. Our engineers and construction teams create solutions from the ground down.

We analyze physical and geologic barriers and proactively engineer solutions with cost efficiency, time sensitivity and safety.

Engineering: We are smart. We work for you and we care. Our engineers come from around the country and Canada to serve this market.


Construction: We look at the complete picture.  Start to finish.  We are your partner.


Deep Foundations: Innovation comes from the field not the office.  Our engineers get dirty.  We press the field for new and better ways to create stability.


Earth Retention: We love it.  We get excited about it.  It is expensive. We strive for the best solution not the easiest.


Clients count on us to consider their projects from the ground down, anticipating obstacles and looking for ways around them before construction starts. Then, for many clients, we continue that thinking through construction, constantly looking for ways to meet business objectives through a lens of cost efficiency, timeline and safety.

Services include: